Who we are

Premium​ Promotions is a company that was built on sheer courage, reliability, sincerity and loyalty. Usually it would be known as “the man with the plan”, but in this case it's THE woman with the plan.

Our sole Director, Elizabeth Tuimalealiifano is a woman who worked as a paralegal for over 7 years but, she had a dream! It was that dream and her determination that brought the brilliant minds together that have helped build Premium Promotions. The extraordinary thing is these brilliant minds which were brought together weren't those of University degrees, they were simply close net family and friends who excelled in their own line of work. Elizabeth's strategy of combining these brilliant eclectic minds in 2018 came with mere confusion, but after an hour in that meeting room, this is when everyone realised the potential of her dream. In her own words;

“You can not deem me the founder of Premium Promotions, I simply made us one and as a team we created Premium Promotions together.”

With our team being highly involved with Snow Tunes, the most talked about winter festival in 2018, this is where we built our experience of working as a team and where we gained the trust of several sponsors. Now with the help of these amazing sponsors, Premium Promotions is proud to announce their first event called...


Culture For The People

This event we have created, is purely for the people. Installed into our team before we even came together, was the need to give forth to the less fortunate. So for our first event we decided to bring world class artist from around the world to perform for the people. For this event we are allowing free entry to everyone! This is Premium Promotions way of introducing ourselves to Australia! Sharing the love of our passion and hard work, so that everyone, not only those who can afford to go to such events; but even the less fortunate may be able to bring their loved ones to this family friendly event to create what we call Everlasting Memories.

Premium Promotions is a family of friends who plan to be around for a very long time. Our goal is to bring smiles to the many communities around Australia and we know we have a long way to go to compete with the best but, Premium Promotions are in it for the long haul! We plan to make Culture an annual event for the people and to show Australia exactly what Premium Promotions will bring to the entertainment and promoting industry!

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